15th Barcelona GSE "Trobada" welcomes new affiliated professors

The 15th annual Economics "Trobada" took place on October 20, 2017 at the IAE-CSIC on the campus of Universitat Autònoma Barcelona (UAB). Around 70 Barcelona GSE affiliated professors, students, and friends participated in this yearly academic gathering where three new affiliated professors presented their research.

Welcome to seven new Barcelona GSE affiliated professors

The "Trobada" is the first opportunity for new affiliated professors to meet the entire Barcelona GSE research community. This year, seven new affiliated professors joined the Barcelona GSE academic units:


Christopher Busch (UAB, MOVE and Barcelona GSE)

PhD, University of Cologne


Jésica de Armas (UPF and Barcelona GSE)

PhD in Computer Science, Universidad de La Laguna


Miguel Espinosa (UPF and Barcelona GSE)

PhD, London School of Economics


André Groeger (UAB and Barcelona GSE)

PhD, Goethe University Frankfurt


Antonio Penta (UPF and Barcelona GSE)

PhD, University of Pennsylvania


Amedeo Piolatto (UAB and Barcelona GSE)

PhD, Toulouse School of Economics


Alberto Santini (UPF and Barcelona GSE)

PhD, University of Bologna


Presentations were given by the following members of the faculty on their latest research:

  • Christopher Busch (UAB, MOVE and Barcelona GSE), “Individual Income Dynamics, Decisions, and Insurance Against Income Risk
  • André Groeger (UAB and Barcelona GSE), “Easy Come, Easy Go? Economic Shocks, Labor Migration and the Family Left Behind”
  • Antonio Penta (UPF and Barcelona GSE), “Digital Marketing Agencies and Collusive Bidding in Online Ad Auctions” with F. Decarolis (EIEF) and M. Goldmanis (Royal Holloway)
  • Edouard Schaal (CREI, UPF and Barcelona GSE), “Optimal Transport Networks in Spatial Equilibrium”

A presentation was also given on the Data Science in Economics initiative. The participants included Stephen Hansen (University of Oxford), Omiros Papaspiliopoulos (UPF and Barcelona GSE) and David Rossell (UPF and Barcelona GSE). The presentation was split into three themes:

Theme I: Prediction with Heterogenous Data

Theme II: Causal inference with Big Data

Theme III: Reinforcement Learning


Below is a short summary video of the event:

The 15th Barcelona GSE Trobada was gratefully supported by the financial support of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, through the Severo Ochoa Excellence Program.

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