Andrea Polo

UPF and Barcelona GSE - on leave


PhD, Saïd Business School (Oxford University)

Andrea Polo is Assistant Professor at UPF and Associate Research Professor of the Barcelona GSE. He is an AXA Research Fellow, a member of the Barcelona Center of Banking Studies and a CEPR Network Fellow for RELTIF.

He is co-editor of the book, Finance and Investment: The European Case (with C. Mayer, S. Micossi, M. Onado and M. Pagano), Oxford University Press, 2018.

Barcelona GSE Working Papers

Margherita Bottero, Camelia Minoiu, José-Luis Peydró, Andrea Polo, Enrico Sette and

Expansionary Yet Different: Credit Supply and Real Effects of Negative Interest Rate Policy

Rodrigo Barbone Gonzales, Dmitry Khametshin, José-Luis Peydró and Andrea Polo

Hedger of Last Resort: Evidence from Brazilian FX Interventions, Local Credit, and Global Financial Cycles