Research Awards and Projects

The Barcelona GSE and many of our Affiliated Professors receive support for research from competitive sources such as the European Research Council and the Severo Ochoa Research Excellence Program.

Barcelona GSE Seed Grants help our researchers jump-start their projects, while national and international research partnerships connect us with other top research institutions.

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Severo Ochoa Research Excellence Accreditation

The award provides €4M in funding over four years to build on the research initiatives that have reinforced the Barcelona GSE's position as a global leader in economic research.

The Barcelona GSE has been distinguished as a Severo Ochoa Center of Excellence in every edition of the program (2012-15; 2016-19; 2020-23)

Barcelona GSE Severo Ochoa initiatives

European Research Council (ERC) Grants

Competitive grants from the European Research Council (ERC) have become indicators of world-class research across all academic disciplines.

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"la Caixa" Foundation Grants

The "la Caixa" Foundation Research Grants on Socioeconomic Well-being are awarded to Barcelona GSE researchers for projects with ground-breaking methodologies and direct implications for socioeconomic well-being.

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Barcelona GSE Seed Grants

Seed Grants support the scientific development of Barcelona GSE researchers, in particular the junior researchers among our Affiliated Professors across all four academic units.

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Research Partnerships

The Barcelona GSE cultivates research partnerships with other public and private institutions in order to leverage its research community's knowledge for increased impact in academia and society.

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